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We are an Argentinian company of survey with many years of experience in the field of inspection in both, domestic and international markets. We are specialized in weight and quality control of a wide range of products during the process of shipment, including loading and unloading of goods.
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Opening new ISB office in China


Opening new ISB office in China

We are pleased to inform that our company ISB INTERNATIONAL SURVEY BUREAU recently completed the opening of a Trade Office in China in order you can meet the requirements and needs of our customers.

Through the mentioned office in China our company offers you the following advantages:

  • Revitalization of documentation: Our office in Guangzhou (China) has E-doxs allowing the printing and delivery of certificates of weight and quality in China within 24 hours to the approval thereof by the exporter in Argentina.
  • Staff:ISB China has personnel qualified trilingual (Spanish - English - Chinese), enabling easy communication before any consultation.
  • Developing relationships with cameras, Chinese associations and major players in the market.
  • Actions for the search of potential clientsor contact with State-owned enterprises.
  • Weekly information on the progress of the Argentine soy / Brazilian soya / Uruguayan soybeans in China.

Our goal is to build with our customers a potential working relationship being partners in continuous improvement

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